Friday, April 25, 2008

Pleased to Meow You

March 17th was not very different from the days before it. I was still in a cage with some litter and stinky food and lots of other cats in cages around me. The time was getting on and soon there wouldn't be any more of these humans coming in to check on me anymore. I like having some privacy and sitting in a cage like this affords you little. One of the cats opposite and below me was quite noisy. She had been there when I got there. I think she wanted to be let out to play with some of these humans who come around or something.

Well, that day this tall dude and short gal came by around closing time. The furry black paw below me was busy playing her and I noticed that the guy just stood quietly. He seemed more my type. Quiet and kept to himself while the other cats and the gal were carrying on. From time to time she would turn to him and try to get him to join in. But he resisted and stayed as he was. He seemed kinda retiring, like me. We just looked at each other from time to time- not in sympathy or anything. Just kinda being.

She was trying to get him to join in the play again when he pointed to me. I came to the front of the cage to eat and she touched my fur. I had not been stroked in a while and it felt, hmm, not so bad. Anyway, I wasn't going to get all friendly-like just because I was stroked without invitation. Not that I was gonna protest either. They went away after a few minutes and I went back to dozing. There isn't much to do when you are in a 2x2 metal cage.

I was surprised when they returned after I had had a nap and the girl who gives me food pulled me out and put me in a littler cage. Then I was put in the back of the car. Now let me tell you, this is a weird contraption. It makes noises and is bumpy and when you are in a cage that is not a nice feeling to have for too long. The girl (not the one at my last place) started to put her fingers in so I would rub them. But when she turned away I didn't really like it. So I put my paw out and grabbed the shiny green jacket arm. She went "yeeeow!" Nice, she can talk a little bit accented cat. I tried to make her do that again but the jacketed arm would run away when it saw my paw.

We got to this place and surprise! I was let out of the little cage and I ran around exploring it. I feel a nap coming on. More later.

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