Friday, May 2, 2008

Dunderheads and Dairy

Let me tell you a little bit about my humans. One is paler and taller and the other is darker and shorter. You know what they say about darker haired pets triggering more allergic reactions. Not true. After I first got here, the lighter one would come near me and look at me as if he was going to sneeze. He always set me off sneezing with that silly anticipatory expression. And I think he may have ticks or something because I only had to look at him to get him whining and scratching. Most likely he was pretending because the other one went up and swat him a few times when he did that and he stopped. It must work because he doesn't scratch that often anymore. You should try that on your human if you have had similar scratchy issues. The darker one doesn't make me sneeze or anything but she has her own issues. She likes to sit around motionless mostly but then from time to time she goes berserk and starts chasing me around the place. I like to think she is getting some much-needed exercise so I skip along and stay a few paces ahead of her. I know if she gets too boisterous I have to give her a gentle but firm swat with my nails. That usually calms her down quick.

Don't get me wrong, I actually like my humans. They are so opposite and can be a handful sometimes but they are cute with their silly antics. Mostly they clown around and keep me entertained. They have their own bed in one place of the house. And they go sleep there when tired. It is good that they are house-broken about this issue because I wouldn't like them to sleep all over. I mean it is ok for us cats but humans really should be trained to sleep in their own beds. I do have free access to the bed - well, let me qualify that. The male human can be quite cantankerous once he gets into bed. Very possessive and all. He seems to think it is "his" bed. He shares it with the female but if I feel like jumping on the bed in the middle of the night I hear all kinds of protests and hissing from him. He thinks he has won if he pushes me off. I wait for him to put his head back on the pillow and jump on again. By the third time in one night, he usually quietens down and realizes who is in charge. Persistence is the key. (That is a picture of me on the bed that the humans sleep on. Plenty of room, say I.)

The taller one seems to be an outdoorsy type because he is gone for days on end. The other one is a home-body. So I try to keep her active (see above for one example) and make sure to monitor her food. She gets pretty finicky when I do that, but a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do. At least they have come to realize that I like to drink my water from cups and glasses just like them. They are now trained to leave a cup with water for me. But let me not make myself out to be more difficult than I am - I have no problems with sharing if they forget. And I loooove dairy. I have heard them say that dairy is not good for me but murrrrr, I looooove dairy. Sour cream, milk, cheese, dairy desserts, cream, and milky desserts. I loooooove dairy. Oh the weather is nice again. I think I shall go sit on the stoop and bask in the sun. Maybe I will even have some dairy dessert.

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