Friday, May 23, 2008

Out & About

Good news! I am now free to come and go as I like without silly harnesses. So, I'm pretty much a blur nowadays. The first day (a few days ago now) was a bit anxiety-forming. Not for me- for my pet human, silly! She was trailing me everywhere and cramping my style. It was constant mao-ing and whining from her. I tried to say in her sight so she wouldn't have quite so much separation anxiety. She needs to become a little bit more independent. At some point, I had to grit my fangs and just let her cry for her own good. But boyoboy, she would run up and cuddle me every few minutes. Eventually she started to quieten down. She realized that I was not gone forever and that she would see me whenever I wanted to come home (which I do when it gets too hot or windy or I get hungry or need to go to use my toilet). The next day was much better and now I get to go out without a large tail.

There is so much to see and do out there! There is a nail salon tree right outside the house. Perfect! The grass is long enough for me to hide out in and stalk the bunnies. From far away, no one can tell whether its a bunny or me except for the shape of ears sticking out of the grass. I'm working on growing longer ears. And I've become good at camouflage. There are plenty of rocks and stuff I can blend into. But mostly, I don't have to. I'm pretty much the alpha predator in this savannah. The other day an overgrown dog (a bearded collie, I'm told) tried to come up to me. I stood up and made my hair all big and stiff. His owner dragged him away telling him I was not like the declawed kitty at home. Right on- you tell him lady!

(We need to talk about this extreme surgery at some point. But I'll save it for another day.)

I have also explored the neighbor's houses. One of them has started paying his respects by leaving me a bowl of milk outside. Yummerrrrr. The other had her door open so I decided to be neighborly and say hello and have a look-see. Was ok- too many cuddlers and nothing to eat. Another has a big black tarp covered contraption that smells like charred food. I'm going to have to go over when they are using it to see what's cooking. Another has a fence and I have seen a big dog there. Whatever.

I have decided to help my humans with the food situation at home. No one can accuse me of being a moocher. For the big dude, I brought back a well-seasoned bone I found on my forays. For the grass-eater, I brought back some leaves. Actually, I try to bring her back a leaf everyday cos I want her to have a good association with me being away on my own.

I had some midget humans trouble me the day before yesterday. Well, the littlest midget was ok, she didn't touch me and she just made funny sounds and I liked her. But the older one threw a rock and would shout at me. Think she got me confused with a dog or something. And talk about getting too familiar- trying to pick me up and all! After her fourth try, I got a bit upset and warned her with my claws. No luck! Had to run and hide eventually. Certainly didn't want to hurt the midget but it was like there was no escape unless I went and hid.

So hey, I wanted to pass on some information which Trini had been giving my human about kitten independence. As long as a cat gets used to her home (which I did when I stayed home the first month), they can slowly be let out. Most of us cats have a built-in GPS to the home base as we explore the outside and find our way home over and over. But I like being a real kitster now, as Dipi would say. If you can let your cat out safely, then do. Supervising her in the beginning may be safe for her and you but eventually, you will start to have confidence in her ability to explore and have fun out there. Of course, please don't let out a kitty that has not been spayed or neutered unless you are also willing to take care of the babies you will get. And let me be clear, "taking care" doesn't involve any scenario with a bucket of water.


Obesa said...

Hey Neo, Bacchus here (I own Teresa, and don't tell her I'm using the 'puter coz she doesn't know I can).

I did have to tell you about a neat trick I pulled on my human a while back. She had the cheek to completely change the house, but it took a while to do, so she was carting me around all over the place while she did it. One day we went to this one place that I just didn't like the smell of, so I figured out how to break free from that horrible cage she used to trap me in whenever we went in that horrible car thing (yeah, I hate it too - it's just not natural), and ran off.

I was watching her from behind a bush, and it was hysterical seeing how upset she got. After a few days though, I thought she'd had enough punishment, so I went back to the last place I'd seen her. It smelt weird, so while I got trapped, I hid behind a couch (except for mealtimes of course - a cat's gotta eat) until she came back to take me home. Got treated like a right hero I did - just for coming in to eat. Yup. I got her trained properly now. I even wander in to the neighbours place (Zak & Penny - Zak's a bit stupid - he's bigger than me, but I can bash him up real easy - then again, he'd even let the dog beat him up if the dog could figure out how) and tell her off if she's there gossiping rather than feeding me - seriously!

So you go girl. You're doing well with the human training thing, but there's always work to do around those pets.

Neobe said...

Hey Baccy Boy,
Wurrrrr. Yea, humans are a handful. Nice trick you pulled. [Mental note to self: add to repertoire for times of need.] Thanks for sharing.

Hey, so do you go outside or in the box? I'm gonna write next about that I think. Oh, and what do you eat? Sorry, for all the questions but if there is one thing I don't have, it's superior feline companionship. I wish you could visit- I'd even take you to my salon tree.

Oh, and how did you manage to get out of the cage? That one has to be a right up there money-maker, fersure. I'm happy to come to an arrangement with you for it. krrrrrr.

I wanna beat up a cat or a dog too! Bunnies are getting easy. Well, I mean I don't really wanna beat up a cat but I mean it must be so awesome to be the neighborhood boss. I always wanted to be one. But this place just doesn't have enough interested critters outside for me to make a posse with. So, I'm continuing to play the bunny mafia but I'm telling you it isn't something I want to get typecast into, y'know?

Oh and I hear you about yackety yack humans. What is up with that!?! I mean seriously, I am very musical and can make many kinds of beautiful and interesting sounds but you won't see me going around chewing everyone and sundries ears off.

Don't even get me started on food! Well, actually, hmm...ok, laters!!

Neobe said...

Oh and post a piccie dude! Would love to put a whiskered profile to the witty words.