Friday, May 30, 2008


It has been an exciting week. I am now a seasoned hunter of bunnies. I prefer the little ones because I can carry them easily. The first time I caught one was exciting. I decided to take it inside so I could examine it and decide what to do with it. I picked it and trotted it inside. As I put it down right inside the door and proceeded to nudge it, all hell broke loose. I heard a loud scream from my female human like someone had stolen her food AND favorite toy. Then she pounced on my new toy and ran away with it. I mean, come on!! Why do you need to steal my toy? Anyway, second time same story. So I decided to play with them right outside the door next time.

As I was playing with the next bunny I got I realized it was fun! So I kept playing with it and soon it was not moving anymore. I thought I would taste it a bit. So I dragged it in and tried it out. But, I'll tell you I'm not much into these new-fangled raw diets. The play is more fun than the feeding for sure. So, I stepped out to get me another toy. This one was the tiniest I had seen and it wouldn't stay quiet and just let me play. It started screeching right outside the door and my human came running again shouting the whole place down. Lady, did somebody ever tell you about cats having sensitive hearing?!

Well, my toy got snatched away again and what's more, it got it's own box and lotsa leaves from the fridge. Sheesh, so she likes to steal my toys and play doll houses with them. And later she actually walked out and dropped the bunny off at a nest of bunnies. All my hard work came to nothing. Then my human got down and cleaned the carpet of the previous bunny I played with and left that unappetizing lump in my food bowl. She took out my nice natural cat food. And to top it all, my human started not talking to me and kinda giving me the cold shoulder. I LOVED IT. That woman has been getting on my case from day one with too much touchy-feelies.

But that got old pretty soon because I do like to snuggle up to her in bed and rub myself on her. And I actually missed those annoying kisses and cuddles. They were always there when you turned around. So annoying but habit-forming. And no nice food- just yucky cold rabbit. I think she doesn't like to see bunnies hurt because they are furry and cute like me. Or maybe it is the fact that I have not brought in any leaves for her recently? I think it is the former because she hasn't let me out much without supervision- but now that I have shown her that I enjoy stalking more and not the paws-on play, she has gone back to her old cuddly self. So much better for receiving treats and snuggling up when I 'm sleepy.

[One bunny was killed in the writing of this blog and another wounded a bit. The rest, of which there were 4 or more, were all released alive along with the wounded one, once it was nursed a bit. To read my human's adventure in releasing a bunny, you should go to her blog and read the report with the bunny picture above. By the way, the top picture shows the first bunny I captured in my human's hand and the second picture shows a young unweaned one . Though I captured both, neither had a single hair hurt on their bodies.]

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